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Alifaire Noreen

Climate and Sustainability

Coastal Resilience Scientist


Alifaire Noreen

  • M.S. Environment and Sustainability (2024)

    • Sustainability and Development​

    • Behavior, Education and Communication

  • B.S. Environmental Science

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My passion is in ocean sustainability, climate change, and coastal resiliency. My goal is to be able to help coastal communities generate adaptive capacity and resilience through the equal prioritization of environmental conservation, the continuation of place-based cultural practices, and increased economic protections. I have an an environmental and marine science background, and I enjoy intertidal and wetland ecology along with the diverse ecosystem services that coastlines provide.

Education & Experience


2022 - 2024

University of Michigan

M.S. Environment and Sustainability

GPA: 4.0

Most Recent Projects

5/2023 - present

Helmholtz Institute of Functional Marine Biodiversity

Science Communicator

Supervisor: Dr. Jan-Claas Dajka

2017 - 2020

Western Washington University

B.S. Environmental Science



Graduate Fellowship

Global Sustainability Scholars Program

12/2022 - present

IWRM Implementation Readiness in the Caribbean

Graduate Student Researcher

Supervisor: Dr. Avik Basu 

7/2021 - 1/2023

University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories

Laboratory Technician

Supervisor: Dr. Ken Sebens


University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories

Fieldwork Assistant

Supervisor: Dr. Megan Dethier

Awards & Interests
Skills & Languages

Academic Interests

  • Ocean sustainability and the blue economy

  • How coastal communities are affected by climate change on a cultural level

  • Connecting researchers with policy makers to make meaningful positive change

  • Ways to utilize ecological restoration projects to create sustainable economic growth

  • Creating adaptive capacity and resiliency regarding climate change and its many effects

  • Ways to make science more accessible through all stages of the research process

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